Dec27 Firefighters in California are battling more than a dozen blazes across the state, which have collectively displaced hundreds of thousands of people and thrown entire communities into darkness and chaos. My friend Josh Buckley came up with the idea to have a benefit show and bring some people together for the cause.

We have an amazing lineup of musicians who are donating their time and will all be doing California related songs (There are soooooo many!!) and will be taking place at the great Galactic Theatre in Warren, RI (Thank you always David Podsnap for letting us do it here). So far the lineup includes: Josh Buckley Kate Mick Stev Delmonico Jodie Treloar Sampson Beth Barron Hollow Turtle Maddie McGill Matt Gillooly Russ Connors and more to come!!

You can directly donate here if you are unable to attend the show

Just click on "Direct My Donation To" and the California Fires is the first option that comes up. All the money from the show will be donated here. Anything you can afford helps!!